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Medicalc sotware s.r.o. is a Czech software company, which was founded after year 2000, but her founders are dealing with a software for health care even from 90s.

Our main goal is to be a leader and an inovator in the field of hospital information systems, to develop and deliver new and creative, but especially high quality and reliable products and services at a reasonable price.

Our company is based primarily on close relationships, so we could meet needs of our customers as much as possible. The most important in our company is flexibility that provides quick decision-making and feedback. In our opinion, these qualities are also an important factor for providing high quality services in the current hurried environment of the Czech healthcare and business climate of this state.


Development of own hospital information system medicalc4 and other expanding products.


Implementation of our own products, implementation studies, user training or system integration.


Support of our products, helpdesk, hotline 24x365, consultancy and counselling in the field of medical informatics. 


Comprehensive service delivery and software maintance.



is our main and leading product, the current version is already the fourth generation of the clinical information system, whose origins date back to the early 1990s. The hospital system is built on clinical events, which are the basic building blocks of the patient's passage through the health facility, and our CIS. The hospital system supports outpatient and hospitalization processes of all medical expertise from small clinics to large hospitals and holdings of health facilities.

An important added value is the direct link between the clinic and the billing of health insurance company through clinical events that brings a perfect insight into the state of the medical facility or clinic.


is a possible complementary component of the health information system, which ensures the digitization of image documentation and supports work by multimedia documents. m4Pacs is also a radiological information system and archive of image documentation. In simple terms, the medical records stored in the clinical information system attach visual or general multimedia documentation - DICOM and non DICOM images, e.g. .bmp, .jpeg files and also audio or video recordings. Therefore doctors have all the medical records in one place in all contexts and in time chronology.


is a variant of DS Soft's Envis®LIMS system, running in the medicalc4 environment of the Oracle database system. It is a modern information system designed for laboratories of all sizes that need to efficiently manage processes of a laboratory. It covers all microbiological specialties as well as the fields of immunology, cytology, hematology and biochemistry. With the clinical information system, medicalc4 shares the databse, patient register and dial lists, which simplifies management and sharing of information without limiting communication protocols. For more information visit http://www.dssoftolomouc.cz/ 


is the management and simulation system developed by Sefima company. Its purpose is to support the management of key areas of operation of  healthcare facilities. The basis of the system is the Health Care modul, which allows the setting of basic parametrs of care provision and its evaluation. Other (optional) modules are Finance, Hospitalization Statistics, Human Resources, Logistics, Prescriptions and Operations. For more information visit http://sefima.cz/ 


or Medical Exchange, is the communication superstructure of the medicalc4 system, which provides encrypted communication with the surrounding environment. It allows the exchange of medical reports, request forms, laboratory results or general clinical events between the hospital and the general practitioners or between the hospitals, whle providing communication with insurance companies, ÚZIS, SÚKL and other portals such as Zdravel, eZprava etc.


is an expandinf set of applications for Android operating systems and, in the foreseeable future, iOS, designed for quick and secure access for authorized users to selected records in the clinical system via mobile phones and tablets. It serves in particular for physicians to consult about the patient's condition or to inform the patient with a physician at the bed without needing an access to a PC. 


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